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We help our clients get the training results they need and we do it by creating a fun and relaxed environment within our training modules. We've based our training delivery on compelling research. In fact, research suggests  that humor produces psychological and physiological benefits that help people learn and develops trust. While the material we cover can sometimes be complex or challenging and it “could” be dry and difficult for delegates to absorb, we bring engagement, fun, experience and games to as many learning processes as possible. 



 ‘Soft Skills’ can be a very broad topic.  Here is a general list of topics we currently cover:


  • True Colors (MBTI)

  • Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0 

  • DiSC Training

  • Onelife Tools: Conversations matter & Narrative Assessment 

  • Maximizing Communication Skills

  • Productive Conflict/Conflict Resolution in the workplace

  • Effective Meetings              

  • Engaged & Motivated Employees

  • Leadership

  • Generations in the workplace        

  • Understanding Change

  • Facilitation Skills/presentation skills

  • Customer Service

  • Sales Training

  • Business Etiquette

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Team-Building

  • Ethics and Diversity

  • Time management




We create customized programs based on your overall goals, vision and business objectives. The first question to ask for developing powerful solutions is:

'How do I need my team to BE?'.


While many businesses focus on the ‘Doing’  part, change happens at the level of understanding and being, which then translates into different perspectives, actions and behaviours.



We can facilitate and/or re -design  your existing in house training, including employee onboarding and meeting facilitation.


Show us what you have, and we will work together to make it that much more magnetic so your training truly ‘sticks’.

“85% of success in Business is based on our Emotional Intelligence or interpersonal skills, while only 15% is based on actual knowledge of the job!” 

                 - Harvard School of Business

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