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As a Calgary-based corporate training consultancy, we're committed to building motivated and engaged employees in sectors ranging from telecom and agriculture to energy and non-profit. From half day workshops to customized long-term solutions, we make training stick, and have some fun along the way. Far from frivolous, ‘fun’ is a great way to ensure long-lasting, positive results for you and your participants.

We make the boring things fun. And the fun things even more fun.

Magnetic Training Solutions, delivers customized quality training programs, team building, and facilitation. We are fortunate to make a difference in how people show up and perform on the job.


Believing that growth through learning leads to success in business and in life, we help clients achieve their training goals and objectives, and evolve into better companies. 


The Magnetic Training Team is made up of professional trainers with a variety of areas of expertise. When we assess your training needs we will build the ideal team to provide your best training solution.


With success and progress linked to growth, learning, and skills development, our mission is to provide highly effective training solutions that are fun, engaging, and experiential in order to enhance retention and application...and to make the journey a joy for everyone!






  • Studies have shown that people are more engaged when they are enjoying the training - it even helps to change behaviors and lead to a positive attitude


  • Laughter and having fun speeds up the learning process and is an experience that stays with you longer than any other form of instruction. As such, participants are more receptive, attentive and engaged 


  • Results show a strong relationship between having fun on the job and behaviors such as organizational pride and loyalty

  • In the workplace, when an organization  fails to focus on individuals’ strengths, the odds of an employee being engaged are a dismal 1 in 11 (9%). But when an organization’s leadership focuses on the strengths of its employees, the odds soar to almost 3 in 4 (73%). So that means when leaders focus on and invest in their employees’ strengths, the odds of each person being engaged goes up eightfold.

Gina Botelho is the President of Magnetic Training Solutions and Senior facilitator.

With extensive facilitation and training experience, Gina delivers results and builds solid relationships. 


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